It’s Contest Time!


IT’S CONTEST TIME!! Fairy Doors and Troll Bridges!

We are giving away passes to: Enchanted Encounter. Times Past Entertainment is giving away 8 tickets (4 categories) to the event. Here are the rules:
1. The theme is Fairy Doors and Troll Bridges. Submit an image that matches this theme. You can tag Times Past Entertainment or BC Renaissance Festival РFor Fans and Friends on an image you put up on your profile (you must make your profile. folder or image public for this) or send the image to: titled Fairy Doors and Troll Bridges. We will upload it for you.
2. The image will fit the theme. It can be a piece of art drawn by the one who is entering, a photo of the person dressed to theme entering (if you have friend or family in the image too, please get permission) or a fairy door / troll bridge with no one in it or you in it (see previous).
3. In the title of the image (or in the description or in the email) include a way to get ahold of you and pick a category/level to submit in.
4. Agree to allow us use of the images on our pages. We will not sell them in anyway. We will use them in the event’s and TPE and/or BCRF social media and promos.

The categories are:
Ages 6 and under are munchkins
Ages 7-12 are Beasties
Ages 13-18 are Goblins
Ages 19 and above are Dragons

Please, if you are under 13 (12 and under) make sure your parent or guardian knows you are entering as the tickets will be geared to your age and you must be with a youth or adult to attend. munchkins can get adult help for taking the picture or creating the art (scanning the art) but must submit in the munchkin level.

Deadline! August 1, 2016