Less Than 4 Weeks To Go!

Enchanted Encounter is less than 4 weeks away, and our cast is off book! We had a great rehearsal and everyone’s characters are coming together.

More vendors are signing on, but we definitely need more food vendors.  With this year’s dates not being in the ideal range we wanted, many of our regular food vendors are pre-booked on other events.  If you know of any food vendor who would like to take part, send an email to vendors@bcrenfest.com

We’ve had some great feedback to our Pokemon Go Pokestop promo.  Feel free to drop by the FaceBook page and share it in your circles.

There are still stage spots available for performers.  Drop us a line at entertainment@bcrenfest.com for the details.  See the Entertainers tab under Enchanted Encounter on our website for the current list of stage performers.

We’re looking forward to an excellent event with fantastic weather.  When you come to the Faire, we encourage you to bring sunblock and a hat or parasol.  Let’s have a great, safe event!