Help Hazelnut Grove Clydesdales Bring Back A Joust!!

We are so blessed to have Kendall and her team with us.  Kendall has decided to step up to the plate and bring Jousting and Medieval Games competing to the BC Renfest.

To help her in this venture the BCRF is providing the space and audience for her (and visiting jousters) to perform at the 2014 BC Renfest. What this means is….


She is asking for some help in this adventure and she has set up a gofundme campaign to help the team on it’s way to success and a yearly Medieval Games and Joust.

For more information please visit:

If you can donate please do so. If not then please pass it around. We would love to see this wonderful drill team take all of this to the next level.

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Program Book Ads

Now with the property completely signed and the dates solid, we are offering advertising space in the program book for those who want to reach a new audience in a new place.
please see image for all of the information:
Ad Rates 2014

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Tickets are now on sale! You can find them on Brown Paper Tickets at this link:

Beat the lineup at the gate! Advance sales guests can still bring a non-perishable food item for Friends In Need Food Bank, and receive a $2 voucher at the gate good for games tokens or BC Renfest promo merchandise.

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The flyer is on it’s way to the printers.  This is a 150 DPI version.  If you would like a higher resolution one or an actual copy of the flyer itself please let us know.


If you are not seeing updates (like the date in the title) please hold down your shift key and reload.  All the new info should come up.

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Change in Dates AND Location!!!


MAJOR NEWS!!!  The property owner’s battle with property issues and changes in laws is still yielding us a ‘no to maybe one day’ answer.  Albion Fairgrounds has negotiated a realistic price tag for us in a grand show of support BUT we won’t be able to be on their property and operating on our chosen dates.  SO…
We have signed a contract with Albion Fairgrounds for August 15-17.  One less day then we normally run but still.. A weekend and a place we can call home for 2014 and not have to shut down.
What this means though is:
1. We have a property!
2. It’s Maple Ridge and we have connected with the food bank.  We’ll be offering $2 off on tickets for food donations.
3. We get to connect with a new community and see how they ‘play’.
4. Transit!
5. Horse support.
6. Meeting new folks.

1. We lose some cast and villagers to obligations that they have already made for those dates.
2. We lose some vendors, volunteers, stage shows, etc., due to obligations on those dates.
3. We must find new folks and keep the ball rolling.  We will also have to promote LIKE MAD and call in all favours.
4. We won’t be at Pacific Stables who REALLY want us there and we REALLY want to be there.  :-(
5. We loose the weekday when senior homes and daycares who do the group outings on the weekday.

BUT!!  We may, if Pacific Stables can resolve, do a mini version (BCRF Light?) at anther date and maybe on a weekday for those who missed out.  But we’ll worry about that once we see how this does and how the battle for property works out.

So.. Change your calendars and start helping us find the people we need. is a good everything contact address.

Thank you and see you at Faire.
P.S.  Webpages and forms will be updated ASAP and flyer printed right away.

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Casting News!!

The BC Renaissance Festival is casting for it’s 2014 year and we are hoping to be able to also find some great actors who can join us on Times Past Entertainment projects as well.

Casting information as to what characters we need can be found at:

You can send us an email via: or give us a call at:
778-926-3378 and leave a message.

Over the next week we will be meeting with people in person (instead of a formal audition process) to see if they are right for us. We are looking for both main cast and villagers. We are also looking for an AD and Villager Co-ordinator. This is live theatre so I will be looking for people who know how to organise a script, communicate with and organise cast, good at teaching improv games and willing to learn a few tricks. The right person for these two positions will be driven and organized as well as have good communication skills.

In all cases the minimum schedule you must keep is:

Rehearsals are on Sundays from noon until we are done. We rehearse all 6 scenes and any additional possible ‘moments’ we may have to face. Even if you are not in a scene you will remain present as the actual performance takes place over a 12 hour day (even though each scene is only approx. 20 minutes) and therefore all of us must remain aware of the whole schedule and what happens in each scene. The Theatre in the crowd format also is at the mercy of audience additions. We must be prepared for such things. Some days that only takes 5 hours while other days it may take 10. Rehearsals are only on the one day of the week. We do not do multiple rehearsals during the week. If a character swings a sword an additional rehearsal could be added. You can not miss more then 4 rehearsals for any reason. Please check your schedule ahead of time and understand that the whole cast must rely on each other in order to make this the best show for our audience.
All cast and head team members camp on site. If you are unable to camp please consider a volunteer position that is more casual.

First rehearsal and introduction of the characters: Sunday March 23.

First full rehearsal : Sunday April 6.
Every Sunday from that point on unless we have a parade or promo to attend.

On site rehearsal: July 6
On site for dress rehearsal: July 9
Remaining on site for the 3 1/2 day event July 10-13

If you would to meet up with me for consideration to any of the above (and the roles listed on the webpage link) please contact me before March 13, 2014. I will plan to meet with you quickly after you have contacted me. Locations I commonly meet are the Gilmore Skytrain Station Starbucks or the Kingsway and Patterson Waves.

Email or give us a call at: 778-926-3378

Thank you for your attention:

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Page Additions – Sponsorship

During the building of this page MANY pages were changed, updated and added to. Notices were missed. HOWEVER. As the team members get used to having access to the new WordPress design we will endeavour to make sure we post notices as we update.
Tonight a FRESH Sponsorship page was created. Feel free to check it out and let us know if you see any errors.
Thank you.

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