Vendor and Ad Opportunities!

Add yourself to our Market!


The new vendor form is now up and we have an additional vendor opportunity that we didn’t have before.  Not For Profits can now get a vendor’s discount.
Whether you are a vendor looking for an opportunity to tap into this historically inspired audience or a Not For Profit looking for a unique place to meet, greet and do some fundraising, visit the Vendor’s page of the new form and up to date information.

OR are you a business who would like to advertise  in our program book.  Fill out the form and send it in right away.  Get a good spot in the program book.

All of this and more is on the Vendor’s Page

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Casting – Opportunity to join us!!! – update

Storyline cast has been cast.  Thank you to all of you who came out for auditions.  (posts for auditions has been deleted in the interest of space) We are still looking for villagers (including understudies) and have a few stage spots left.

For the village we are looking for actors/actresses with a ‘team’ mentality, sense of responsibility for their own agreements, understand cast obligation, work as hard as their fellow cast and have fun creating the art that is live theatre in the crowd.

Stage performers do not have to be historically accurate but more historically influenced and looking for a great opportunity to show off their talents.

Since formal Audition are done please feel free to contact us for more information as to how you can join in.

The important stuff:

Synopsis: 1515 Henry VIII and his wife Catherine of Aragon have returned to the small village of Steller’s Grove in order to meet up with Captain Charity and her crew. He had sent them off with Deputy/Lord Norfolk last year, in order to find ways to research aspects of Piracy for his own practices. It doesn’t take long to discover that Norfolk is missing and there is no real explanation as to how. The addition of an upset Scottish Lord is not making matters any easier.

Must be 16 years or older. 19 years old and over preferred. If under age and a stage performer you must have a parent or guardian with you.

Also need: Villager Coordinator – will be the Villagers’ director. They will set rehearsals up and work through improv games and character development. Weekend of they will make sure the Villagers stay on schedule as well as stay to contract and agreement.

Assistant Director: Work directly with the Director to help keep the cast organised and performing to their best. Weekend of Cuing cast for entries and exits and assist in resolving any script or projection weaknesses.

Parades are also on the schedule for promotional sake. It is highly encouraged that cast are present.

This is an outdoor gig.

All involved are volunteer (including producers and any other Command Team) in order to give the project growth time and support.

Please feel free to  Contact us
Through email (Contact us link) or by phone: 778-926-3378

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Reliving the Revelry

Now that the 2014 Renfest is all done it is time to share our pictures, videos and stories.  Feel free to send us links to your on line galleries, youtube videos and/or whatever online source you use.  We will happily link to them and share with others your great experiences.

To get you all started here is the 2014 video wrap-up.
Enjoy and HUZZAH!!!

BCRF 2014 video wrap-up


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So close now

A few volunteers are still needed and we have some lovely gifts for those who pitch in.  Set and teardown (set up – Tuesday Aug  12, Wednesday Aug. 13 and Thursday Aug. 14 Teardown – Monday August 18 and Tuesday Aug. 19)  and we still have some spaces for helping over the weekend as well.  Contact Martin at:

The program books are printed and they look great!

Kendall tells us that the horses and planning for the games and joust is going well.  We have offered to make any of the Renfest related incentives/gifts available at the font gate as well.

The baby changing table is cleaned up and ready for the little ones while on the other end, our pub master tells us that all is well for the Pub.  As he ‘IS’ the pub we have no doubt that everything is in order and he’s ready for all of you to enjoy!!

The animals for the petting zoo are ready and the Canadian horse is eager to shine.

The shows are signed up and the main cast is rehearsed.

The Vendors have their spots.

The parking is free and the transit schedule is available on line.

So the only question left is……



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Horses/Joust and Masquerade


With the incredible assistance of Hazelnut Grove Clydesdales we are able to bring you a joust once more.  The joust horses and riders are visiting us from Southern lands in order to compete for your enjoyment.  Or local Clydesdales will continue to compete in the Medieval Games while our new visitors will compete in a full on joust.   This will be the first try at a competition at our renfest and we are delighted that Kendall (Hazelnut Grove) is able and excited to help.  Kendall has begun a gofundme Campaign in order to support continuing the joust at the renfest and bringing the sport to BC.

Our story this year has a Masquerade theme.  Our characters will be decked out in Masks for the first two scenes.  The unfortunately part is that our favourite Mask Maker (Dana at Elemental Illusions) is healing so she isn’t traveling far.  However!!  She is sending a selection of her masks down (she is in Alberta and is sending them with one of our out of town volunteers) to us in order to be sold from our BCRF product tent.  Her masks will not count with the $2.00 off coupon but they will available and, in our world of historical imagination, are the most incredible masks you can find at these events.


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Saturday’s Cast and Crew Sale and Bottle Drive

We are having an afternoon to evening lawn sale and bottle drive in order to gather funds for the cast and crew’s greenroom and behind the scenes, supplies, costume repairs and ‘cooling supplies’ (ice, buckets, fans, canopies, electrolytes, etc). ALL money raised will go towards the renfest.

Address for the sale is Gilmore & Dominion (signs will be up) at the dead end of Dominion st. For some reason FB won’t let us put a specific address on this event.

Come on out and purchase, bring your empties for one of our volunteers to return or donate items to sell. If you are donating items please contact us for drop off times this week.

If you are donating items also feel free to list those items here. We know everything won’t be listed but a nice idea would be great!!

P.S. Want to be a performer or vendor and missed the pre sign up deadline? Come on by and take advantage of your one last chance. We will have forms ready. Come prepared (vendor fees, photos – digital or printed, etc) and we’ll get you in right on the spot.

For more information:

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Help Hazelnut Grove Clydesdales Bring Back A Joust!!

We are so blessed to have Kendall and her team with us.  Kendall has decided to step up to the plate and bring Jousting and Medieval Games competing to the BC Renfest.

To help her in this venture the BCRF is providing the space and audience for her (and visiting jousters) to perform at the 2014 BC Renfest. What this means is….


She is asking for some help in this adventure and she has set up a gofundme campaign to help the team on it’s way to success and a yearly Medieval Games and Joust.

For more information please visit:

If you can donate please do so. If not then please pass it around. We would love to see this wonderful drill team take all of this to the next level.

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